coloured masticsLooking for coloured mastic joint sealants?
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RAL number sealant colour matching

A very reliable way of identifying many surfaces, substrates, building materials or whatever else you may need a mastic joint sealant to exactly match, is to use the RAL number system, (click here to find out more) we can try our best to match it with one of the hundreds of sealant colours in stock, here in Chingford, or liase directly with you to *match the colour to order within a very reasonable 2-week timescale. use the form below to contact us regarding RAL colour matching to order.

*Please note; there is a minimum quantity requirement of 10 x cartridges (310ml) for RAL sealant matching

Product / substrate / paint / material matching

If you don't have a RAL number to match but have a physical sample of something that is no bigger than 200mm x 200mm in size and/or 1kg in weight, (such as a section of window frame, large fleck of paint, piece of timber, bathroom or kitchen type ceramic tile,

Some professional garden designers are also landscape architects, a more formal level of training that usually requires an advanced degree and often a state license.